Patented Magnetic Fishing Line Nippers that are easily accessible by magnetically attaching to the included steel clip that is also a sharpener. Constructed with corrosive resistant stainless steel, rare earth magnets, and sharpenable blades: these nippers do just about everything besides net the fish for you. It also includes an eyelette-hole clearer & a built-in bottle opener, and you’ve got the perfect tool for destruction that rests firmly on the bill of your cap, straps, packs, trucks waders etc.. This system is the end-all when it comes to reliability and efficiency.

Fishing Nippers


With their magnetic design, durable stainless steel construction and innovative engineering, the Lid Rig 2.0 is the smartest way to cut backing, line and tippet on your next fishing trip. And at a cost of just $74.99, they’re even more affordable than premium nippers from big-name brands like Orvis, Abel and Hatch. Find out more of what makes the Lid Rig 2.0 so remarkable below — and why they’re a better choice than traditional spring-loaded nippers!

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